ACA Individual Health Fall Open Enrollment 2016

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O.K. the 3rd  Open Enrollment for individual  and family coverage (2016 coverage) has started.

Open enrollment for individual  &  family ACA health insurance plans  is Nov  01, 2015  –  Jan 31,  2016.  (link for 2016 timeline).    and YES, this is  for plans ON and OFF the Marketplace.

12/15/2015 deadline for coverage to start 01/01/2016

01/15/2016 deadline for coverage to start 02/01/2016

01/31/2016 deadline for coverage to start 03/01/2016

For individuals and family’s  HMO network coverage is what the major companies will offer in Texas for 2016.  So yes,  the PPO plans will go away if you purchase coverage after the start date of true ACA plans.  Plans purchased prior to the “official start” (Oct 1 of 2013 for plans that already started 01/01/2014) of ACA plans are grandfathered in and can stay in place.

Note small and large group plans can and will have no changes for the networks the health insurance company’s offer ( so yes to  HMO, PPO, POS and EPO, etc…)

Memorial Hermann is new to the individual market for the Houston TX area only for plans to start in 2016. This carrier will have HMO & PPO plans.  So for the greater Houston area there will be a non HMO  (PPO)  option.

note* For most  health insurance companies (carriers) you can purchase plans ON ( or OFF the marketplace (from the insurance co).

Health Insurance co’s (that we work with  (TX – only)) information links.


Aetna Individual (OFF marketplace) plan booklet 2016

Aetna Member tools 

Aetna Health Reform Tools (ACA)

Aetna find a provider (Doctor)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

BCBSTX ACA info for 2016  (doc & provider finder from BCBSTX  (a link for info for current policy holders)

Cigna ACA info for 2016

Cigna_883593-plan-comparison-medical-dental-tx_for_2016   (right click to open pdf)

Humana One 

HumanaOne  ACA info for 2016   (doc & provider finder from Humana)

HumanaOne_2016 Texas IMM Product Grid_for_2016

note * HumanaOne in the greater Houston TX are is only ON Marketplace plans. (if at all see zip code)

United Health One 

United Health One ACA info 2016

New for 2016

Memorial Hermann Health Insurance (MHHI) ACA info 2016 (off Marketplace only)


CMS fact sheets and FAQ’s on the ACA

ACA info from wikipedia

ACA info from Kaiser  explaining open enrollment for ACA

ACA = Affordable Care Act ( or Obama Care)


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