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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas or BCBSTX is arguably the  latest Health Insurer in Texas. I will try to point out and list links to some useful web pages.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (association)  What is it from Wikipedia.

Blue Cross Blue Shield  has implemented  Benefits Value Advisory or Customer Service (CS), , for company or group  members.  This is a phone number for members to call and ask questions before going to the doctor, etc. I will help you find a doctor and/or a more cost effective way to get medical services.

This is good advice for any user of health insurance, that is to call into the CS phone number on your card to ask questions before you are sick as well as when you are.


Benefits Value Advisory via BCBSTX (group insurance)


Small group info from Blue Cross =

BCBSTX plan types (good info for members)

BCBSTX the  advantages of membership with Blue Cross


a short video on a Mobile tool from BCBSTX

Mobile app from BCBSTX  or (Text BCBSTX APP to 33633 to download)- $ cost to you.


Blue Cross Blue  Shield of TX youtube page has more video  information

YouTube from BCBSTX  in Spanish videos


Know your network from Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX.


BCBSTX Member services




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