Humana PPO Plan Added Dec 09 for 2016 for Parts of TX

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A  HumanaOne  plan, TX Bronze 6450 ChoiceCare PPO + Children’s Dental,
has been added for 2016 coverage in parts of Texas that were previously not included.

This was announced on 12/09/2015.

This is good news for The Houston and central Texas areas. Where there is going to be less options for PPO plans to individuals and families. The group market still has the ppo plans, with no major changes.

This is an OFF market place plan. (so not on

We can apply for this plan on and after 12/18/2015.

Contact our office and or your agent and we can call Humana for a quote prior to this date.

HumanaOne  ACA info for 2016   (doc & provider finder from Humana)

HumanaOne_2016 Texas IMM Product Grid_for_2016    (see page 14)

SBC for the HumanaOne  TX Bronze 6450 ChoiceCare PPO


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