Upcoming ACA Health Law Tax Not Just On Luxury

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I  read a good article on the so called “ Cadillac tax”  in the Houston Chronicle  (09/02/2015) part of the ACA or Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).

The article  points out some of the things that a lot of people like and use that are due to be affected by the new law.  This “Cadillac tax” is due to go into effect in 2018.

Some of the items that are due to be affected are :

  • Flex accounts
  • HSA accounts with high deductible health plans
  • 26{e64afe744808f925ae4e621067af93b57aa961a0f89d5b9e5dafb1c9b1c107d5} of all employer plans could be affected (per Kaiser Family Foundation)

For the full article take a look at the link above and or/see the pdf version posted below:

houstonchronicle.com-Approaching health law tax is not just a levy on luxury_2015_09_02

(right click the above link to open in a new page)

Thank you to the AP reporter on this story Mr. Ricardo Alonzo-Zaldivar

I also saw an article in the WSJ on this same topic. Just click the link below:

WSJ_Cadillac_ Health Tax Fight Heats Up – WSJ_2015_09_08 (or right click the link to open in a new page.)




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