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Health Insurance Small Business Tax Credit

By on December 16 2010 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

The Small Business Tax Credit from the Health Care Reform Bill was signed into law on 3/23/2010. So how does the small employer health care tax credit work?  As with most tax issues there is no short answer.  In this post  I will provide information and resources to help you and your tax professional navigate […]

Deductibles | Co-Pays | Out of Pocket Maximums

By on December 14 2010 | Health Insurance | Leave a comment

Most people look at health insurance first by the deductible on the plan. For example, my plan has a $1,000 deductible. But what does this really mean and is there more to this? In short this is a good starting place for a PPO or even a new HSA type plan, but there is a […]

Medicare Open Enrollment For 2011 Coverage

By on December 9 2010 | Medicare | Leave a comment

This  year end open enrollment is for current members of Medicare who want to change the insurance coverage they have to some new plan.  Know you will have to go through underwriting to make a change and you must do this between Nov 15 through Dec 31, 2010. I am writing about this topic in […]

Medicare Open Enrollment

By on November 23 2010 | Prescription Drug Plan (part D) | Leave a comment

The Medicare open enrollment period began November 15, 2010.  The period is different this year in that it will be shorter and ends on 12/31/2010.  So it will be a challenge for participants to make firm decisions and act within this time period.  It will be an even bigger challenge for Insurance professionals that specialize […]

Life Insurance Reality Check

By on November 1 2010 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

Insurance Fundamentals 101 September was life insurance awareness month, so if you haven’t already, you should do a check up on your life and disability/long term care insurance.  Just think of it like doing standard maintains on your car. See the worksheet on page 5 of this 8 page pdf, “What You Need to Know About […]

No Health Insurance At Work? What Can You Do?

By on September 24 2010 | Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

I will talk about the options in what is called the individual market for Health Insurance vs. the Group Market (Company provided health insurance) I will also put up a copy of a short video that is part of a nice series of videos sponsored by Humana, one of the country’s largest health insurance companies […]

State Continuation and COBRA

By on August 31 2010 | Group Insurance | Leave a comment

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) & State Continuation (or Texas Continuation) of Health Insurance Coverage These two forms of group insurance are in some ways the same and yet are different.  They are both the form of Health Insurance an employee can access in order to continue coverage when they leave the employment of […]

Health Care Reform

By on July 28 2010 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

Two documents with some good information on the changes coming due to Health Care Reform law arrived in my email. I would like to share this with my clients and others in Texas. This information came to me from the good people at Humana Health Insurance. The first has to do with the so called […]

Health Insurance Terms | Co-insurance & Stop-loss

By on July 28 2010 | Health Insurance Glossary | Leave a comment

This posting is a continuation of the series on Health Insurance Terms. In a Health Insurance policy, once you have met your deductible, if you do not have a 100 percent plan then you are in the part of the policy of Co-insurance. That is where the insured and the insurance co share in the […]

Federal Healthcare Plan for Pre-existing Conditions

By on July 9 2010 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

Confusion about the new Federal Health Insurance Law is the only thing about it I am certain of ? I will try to stay out of the partisan politics of the new law and work to focus my comments in this Blog to giving information that can help people in Texas with Health Insurance. I […]

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