Medicare Open Enrollment For 2011 Coverage

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This  year end open enrollment is for current members of Medicare who want to change the insurance coverage they have to some new plan.  Know you will have to go through underwriting to make a change and you must do this between Nov 15 through Dec 31, 2010.
I am writing about this topic in my BLOG to help give Medicare open enrollment timely coverage.  The following YouTube video will help you better understand the Medicare process:

The following  are two links to US Government Medicare websites that can give you some good information.  Use these links or contact our office and we can help you examine your situation and help you narrow your choices so you can make a smart and quick decision.

The U.S. Government link to Find a Medicare Plan

If you live in the state of Texas call on for help or contact your Insurance professional.
The following link from Kiplinger can help illustrate what your overall 2011 costs are likely to be for various Medicare plans based on information that only you can supply.
In closing,  remember you must first be eligible for Medicare itself before you can have Insurance that helps with Medicare.
The three coverage types are:
  • Medicare Advantage plan (all in one coverage (Medical and Rx) that replaces Medicare)
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance plans (Med Sup)
  • Medicare Part D (prescription drug Rx coverage)
Once again, if you are currently covered by any of the three plan types listed above and you want to make changes to your already existing Insurance coverage, you must make those changes within the current window (11/15 – 12/31/2010) and your changes will go into effect January 1st 2011.

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