Federal Healthcare Plan for Pre-existing Conditions

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Confusion about the new Federal Health Insurance Law is the only thing about it I am certain of ? I will try to stay out of the partisan politics of the new law and work to focus my comments in this Blog to giving information that can help people in Texas with Health Insurance.

I was certain that because Texas has had The Texas Pool Insurance plan in place (was known as the Texas Risk Pool in the past) then Texas would not have any part of any federal risk pool insurance, or insurance for individuals of last resort because Texas had a program in place. It has always been an expensive program and I am sure there are many Texans who would like to be on the Texas Pool plan but just cannot afford to do so?

In speaking with people at the Texas Heath Insurance Pool (888-398-3927) this program will be here for now to cover people who have no place to go with commercial insurance and do not want to have a break of coverage. They will continue to cover any Texas resident who cannot get individual coverage (and is declined by at least one Insurance company).

What will happen to this plan when all the new rules are put in place will remain to be seen, so stay tuned!

The Federal Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (or PCIP) will go into effect soon. The target date for rates in July 15th and they are taking applications even now without any rates? I would not advise submitting an application until we can see the rates and all the particulars. (PCIP phone # 888-398-3927  (10/2011 – OK))

The main thing to know about this program is that you must be un-insured for a minimum of six months. This is the first thing. As the name implies you must have some pre-existing condition that other insurance would turn you down for.

Again if we are to have a new world with Guaranteed Issued (GI) individual Health insurance what is the long term purpose of this plan? Again stay tuned!

For now I know I can be of help with the Tex Health Pool and If this is something you know or think may be of help for you please contact me at caseyl@texasfamilybenefits.com or call me 713-481-6501. I will help look at your situation to see what may be the best option for you. And after the PCIP plan is more public I can then help people look into this plan as well.

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