Medicare Open Enrollment

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The Medicare open enrollment period began November 15, 2010.  The period is different this year in that it will be shorter and ends on 12/31/2010.  So it will be a challenge for participants to make firm decisions and act within this time period.  It will be an even bigger challenge for Insurance professionals that specialize in Medicare, as they have a much smaller time window to assist both existing clients as well as any new people they may encounter.

I am writing about Medicare in my BLOG to help make it easier to understand.  The following Medicare Health Screenings video and links to US Government Medicare websites provide helpful Medicare information:

The Official U.S. Government Find A Medicare Plan Website

Use these links or contact our office and we can help you examine your situation and  narrow your choices so you can make a smart and quick decision.

If you are already covered by Medicare and you want to make any changes to your Insurance coverage, you must do so within the current window (11/15 – 12/31/2010), and those changes will go into effect January 1st 2011.

The next links  are calculators from the two major pharmacies in the USA.  I cannot take credit for how good or bad they are, but if you get your prescriptions from either one of these pharmacies, you may want to check the site for your pharmacy and see which Medicare part D plan looks best for you.

CVS Pharmacy Medicare Part D Tool

There are three levels of Medicare Rx Part D plans (good – better – best), although these are not the actual names for the plans that most Insurance companies offer.  For the most part the plans are all about the same.  The difference is the premium price you pay per month and the co pay amount for your particular prescription drugs.  There are various calculators that can help with this.  And, of course, you can call on or your Insurance Professional to seek additional guidance.

The following link from Kiplinger will help illustrate what your overall 2011 Medicare costs are likely to be based on information that only you can supply:

Kiplinger 2011 Medicare Cost Tool

And last but not least here are links to additional Medicare Part D calculators.  The first will help AARP Medicare members, while the second will help people that are not AARP members:

AARP Medicare Part D Doughnuthole Calculator

Medicare Part D Doughnuthole Calculator
(for AARP non-members)

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