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Two documents with some good information on the changes coming due to Health Care Reform law arrived in my email. I would like to share this with my clients and others in Texas. This information came to me from the good people at Humana Health Insurance.

The first has to do with the so called Grandfathered plans this is any health plan interred in to and in effect prior to March 23 2010. This two paged document gives some food for thought on this topic.

This sounds simple but there is a lot more to it if you look and stop and think. It will have to be looked at by each individual and group to see what is best.

The second document is titled Health Care Reform Law (what is Means for you) this is an eight page document with some clear information and stating on page 5 there is a timeline spelled out by Humana as to what changes are coming and when. The time line starts in 2010 and runs year by year out to 2014.

The State of Texas Insurance web site has a section on Health Care Reform that should be a good resource in working to see what all the changes will be for all of US.

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