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Insurance Fundamentals 101

September was life insurance awareness month, so if you haven’t already, you should do a check up on your life and disability/long term care insurance.  Just think of it like doing standard maintains on your car.

See the worksheet on page 5 of this 8 page pdf, “What You Need to Know About Life Insurance,” from the Life Insurance Foundation.

The bad news is that most Americans don’t have enough life insurance. Nearly 70 million adult Americans have no life insurance at all, and those who are insured have coverage equal to just four times their annual income. Most experts believe that coverage should equal ten times your annual income, a much more realistic rule of thumb.

You need to make sure you have an adequate amount of Life Insurance to protect the risk you want to cover. This number can and will change based on you and your family.

Here’s a one page Life Insurance Reality Check guide.

Contact me or your Insurance professional and ask to have a review or if you want to do your own web review try this link from

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