Aetna Health Insurance Tools 2014

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I am going to give some info and links for all the Health Insurance Co we work with in Texas. Starting out in alphabetical order with Aetna.  Aetna has a nice website –   health-reform-connection If it is not open enrollment can you purchase health insurance. In the new ACA world the answer is no […]

ACA Learning Curve

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The new health care law or Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act or PPACA) has a lot of moving parts and for people with little or no experience with health insurance it is a real challenge to understand the insurance world I read an article in the 08/02/2014 NYTimes titles “Newly Insured, […]

Tax Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage In 2014

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The IRS  has published  a document titled “Tax Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage for Individuals & Families in 2014” This is a “Virtual Town Hall” series and is one of the things that many people are concerned with in regard to the new ACA law. That is,  how will the Tax law and this intersect […]

ACA Marketplace Application Process

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The ACA (Afordable Care Act) health insurance is all over the media as are the ads for When individuals and family’s are looking for health insurance,  you can get information from many sites on-line. The government site has good information but you can only get a plan here if you are eligible for a subsidy […]

ACA Tips for February 2014

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Please Note: Individuals can  purchase  health insurance only until 03/15/2014 that will go into effect April 1 2014. As of now after these dates you can not purchase individual health insurance unless you have a qualifying event. I started this post back in August / September of 2013.  Well, life and all the real challenges […]

Small Business Concerns Regarding the ACA

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In this post you will find several articles that address business and small business concerns with the new ACA law. KHOU had a copy of an AP story titled. “3 things small businesses must do for health care” from Sept 25,2013. The Washington post had a good article titled” ObamaCare Myths : small business owners […]

October 2013 Is Here & the ACA Marketplace Is Open

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On 10/01/2013 the Markeplace  (or Exchange as it was named in the original law – The PPACA or ACA for short) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act = PPACA The Marketplace’s have opened up for business so people can start to shop and purchase health insurance that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). […]

Employer’s Notice On ACA Marketplace

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Employers have been asked by the DOL to provide a notice to all employees about health insurance. The DOL released this information in May 2013.  That is to say if your company offers a group health insurance plan you should send out one type notice. If you do NOT offer health insurance you should send […]

Health Insurance Exchange Plans

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The ACA (Affordable Care Act)  or the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also know as  Health Care Reform (HCR) has outlined and mandated that there will Health Insurance Exchanges or Health Insurance Marketplaces. There will be both Public and Private Exchange Health Insurance plans. There will continue to be Individual and Group plans sold […]

Health Insurance Exchange

By on December 10 2012 | Heathcare Reform | 1 Comment

With the re-election of President Obama, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and HCR (Health Care Reform) should keeping moving forward with what we know of the law. Not until the year, 2014 will the most changes go into effect. The largest of these in my opinion is the Health Insurance Exchange, for individuals and small […]

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