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The ACA (Affordable Care Act)  or the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also know as  Health Care Reform (HCR) has outlined and mandated that there will Health Insurance Exchanges or Health Insurance Marketplaces.

There will be both Public and Private Exchange Health Insurance plans. There will continue to be Individual and Group plans sold as they are today  (pre ACA  and pre 2014).

The “Public Exchange” will be best for people who need an individual or family plan and think they will qualify for help in purchasing a health insurance plan.

The “Private Exchange” will be similar styled plans as the “public” but will offer no chance at help for a subsidy. People can continue to evaluate and purchase health plans the way they are sold today. That is by agents and brokers in person or via web sites with agents and brokers help. (see our online quote tool)

It is said there will be guaranteed issue of health insurance, but not a guaranteed price.  At what price  is the big thing that will have to be seen.

I use the year 2014 and it is on January 01, 2014 when the biggest changes will start to go into effect for the new law, ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Information on the first open enrollment for the Exchange should be out by  October 2013.  This will be for health coverage that will take affect on 01/01/2014.

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