October 2013 Is Here & the ACA Marketplace Is Open

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On 10/01/2013 the Markeplace  (or Exchange as it was named in the original law – The PPACA or ACA for short)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act = PPACA

The Marketplace’s have opened up for business so people can start to shop and purchase health insurance that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

We are working with our quote tool vendors to make sure we have a way to help people continue to purchase health insurance today and shop for ACA plans that will have a start date or effective date of 01/01/2014,  when purchased by 12/14/2013. People will be able to purchase health coverage in this the first ACA “open enrollment” until the end of March 2014.

See this radio article “insurance-marketplace-101-here’s-what-you-need-to-know

A radio story tTitled “How do you know if you have good health insurance.”  from 09/13/2013.

MarketPlace Radio has a section on the ACA titled “Health-Care” with a page titled

affordable-care-marketplace-step by step

Healthcare.gov has a  glossary of terms for the ACA.

BCBSTX has a big web page titles “Health Care Reform Resources

and here’s a nice Health Care IQ quiz page.

It looks like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas will be the major health carrier for health insurance on the “Marketplace” for Texans who are not in one of the major metro areas.

Contact your Health Insurance Agent if you work with one, or give us a call, if you live in Texas, and want to work with a real people who are located in the Houston, Sugar Land TX area.

There are 3 videos below.

The first is one I found via the WSJ  on “health-law-rollout” page.

I also found a white board video at the WSJ titled “white-house-releases-animated-explanation-of-obamacare“. or see a youtube version below.

A good ACA over view video

We encourage you to work with a   Health Insurance Agent if you have or know one, or give us a call,  if you live in Texas, and want to work with a real people located in the Houston, Sugar Land TX area.

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