Small Business Concerns Regarding the ACA

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In this post you will find several articles that address business and small business concerns with the new ACA law.

KHOU had a copy of an AP story titled. “3 things small businesses must do for health care” from Sept 25,2013.

The Washington post had a good article titled” ObamaCare Myths : small business owners most common misconceptions about the law” (the ACA)

Below you will find time lines for the ACA (Affordable Care Act) that will give dates that we all need to watch for.

The best advice to business is to stay in contact with your health broker, if you have one and if you are looking and would like to talk to an independent broker or two then please contact us.

KFF a good source of info on ACA  (Kaiser Family Foundation)

KFF Summary and timeline link  the offical site from our government. ACA Law a link to the law in sections.

KFF ACA Timeline

The WSJ  11/20/2013 had this article  on the subject of the cost of health care for small business, call us if you have further questions or concerns.

Like most things the  trend in cost is still up, and we shall see over time if the new law helps or hurts?




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