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With the re-election of President Obama, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and HCR (Health Care Reform) should keeping moving forward with what we know of the law. Not until the year, 2014 will the most changes go into effect. The largest of these in my opinion is the Health Insurance Exchange, for individuals and small business

Time line on ACA

The Exchanges for individuals and families should be similar to the quote tools we have had on our websites since about 2006. That is the ability to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. The government exchange will have the ability for people who qualify for a “subsidy” for health insurance to qualify and purchase a plan. There will also be private exchanges that will not work with the subsidy.

We in the insurance brokerage community have to in earnest get our hands around this concept so we can continue to do our job for the public in Texas.

Several weeks ago I heard a good report on  Houston public radio station (KUHF) on the NPR morning news show.

I have come to rely on radio news for I can do other things besides look at the TV.

Here is a link  to  the Julie Rovner’s story on this important topic.

Health Insurance Exchanges Explained   (Morning Edition 11/13/2012) website on the ACA

Wikipedia on the PPACA topic

Dept of Labors site on the ACA

Part of the problem is this thing  is so big and we know so little about how it will work. Both the government and the insurance co’s and agents are scrambling to learn and work out how it will work.

This post along with others I have written are a small attempt to keep learning and putting out some info for our clients in Texas.

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    Thank you so much for sharing such nice and informative thought., This is very helpful fer me and others. Keep blogging man!!!!!!!

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