ACA Tips for February 2014

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Please Note: Individuals can  purchase  health insurance only until 03/15/2014 that will go into effect April 1 2014. As of now after these dates you can not purchase individual health insurance unless you have a qualifying event.

I started this post back in August / September of 2013.  Well, life and all the real challenges of the ACA must have gotten in the way. So here it is at long last.

We  try to keep up with the debate and implementation of the new law on health care ( The Affordable  Care Act (ACA) or Obama Care)  I saw a show on cable TV ( a part of

A Dr. Scott Atlas is the author of a new book ” In Excellent health: Setting the Record straight on America’s Health Care

Watch a 30 minute interview of Dr. Atlas, from,  discussing  his book

Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University and the Hoover Institution talked to Book TV about “In Excellent Health,” in which he argues that the U.S. healthcare system is much better than the World Health Organization as others would have you believe.  He also takes a critical look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( “Obama care”) and alternatives like the single-payer system used in other advanced countries.

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A resources page I found: “U.S Health Policy Gateway”  a group of links to news and info on ACA.

KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) has a Summary on the ACA in a 13 page pdf.

KFF has an  ACA time line  I put up links to the official time line on the government web site in previous blog posts.

KFF has a subsidy calculator for the subsidy that are to be available after Jan 1,2014

Marketplace Radio on Health Care



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