Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept. 2014 (LIAM)

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is a nice reminder for people to read up, watch videos, and learn more about Life Insurance.    Watch a good  video on Life Insurance 101 (2014) YouTube Chanel from Life happens At the most basic need level you need to have life insurance if someone or something depends on […]

Americans are bad at math says the NYTimes

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We have heard it before, that Americans or people who live in the USA are not the best at math. That is on the whole of the population. I found this online at a newspaper site I  like to read.  By the way I  subscribe and get the NYTimes on my wife’s iPad. The napkin […]

You Have Choices About How You Live and Die

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I believe we all  have choices about how we live today. That alone is more than most want to think about. But we should and direct our lives. I am a dvr junkie in our home and tape a lot of “stuff” on the weekend. My two favorites are c-span and I have a standing […]

Saving & Investing Checkup 2014

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A Couples Financial Tuneup 04/26/13 NY Times Related Links (for more info about your money) Market Place Radio on Money Info on Investopedia The NYTimes on your money The NYTimes : the Sketch Guy: Personal Finance on a Napkin NYTimes Ideas to make retirement possible  (02/06/2014)  (right click for a pdf ) The […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept 2013

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  September is LIAM or Life Insurance Awareness Month. Every year the Insurance organization helps put out the word on Life Insurance in September. They do this with some direct media ads and by helping Agents (like us) with materials to help us inform and educate people on this important topic.     If […]

Life Insurance Planning for 2013

By on February 8 2013 | Life Insurance | 1 Comment

This article is about planning that no one wants to dwell on, but everyone should. In other words, “just do it,” so that if something unexpected happens. you won’t be leaving a mess for your loved ones. What I am saying is take some time and make sure you have a Last Will & Testament […]

Where Will You Pass Away?

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The End of Life, in Numbers We all put things off and thinking about death is at the top of the list, but everyone needs to give this subject some thought from time to time. Estate planning is not just for the wealthy.  We all need to give some thought to our own end and […]

Having a Last Will & Testament

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When talking to people about Life Insurance, a topic I bring to prospects and clients is dealing with our own mortality (Life Insurance)  and end of life planning. I am not an attorney and do not help in the writing of wills. I do, however, recommend that  everyone should have one.  A will is not just about […]

Living Within Your Means

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Living within your means, budgeting, and/or frugal living are all great watchwords to live by. This does not mean you have to be a cheapskate, but  just be aware of your living and spending. This is even harder to do in some ways due to people not using cash.  But you have to keep track even […]

Life Insurance in Texas As A Savings Plan

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When talking about life insurance to Texans, I like to touch on the person’s big financial picture and how they would like to see it given a real persons life and circumstance. Saving money is the first lesson most people started out learning as a child and it continues on through a person’s entire life.  […]

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