Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept 2013

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September is LIAM or Life Insurance Awareness Month. Every year the Insurance organization helps put out the word on Life Insurance in September. They do this with some direct media ads and by helping Agents (like us) with materials to help us inform and educate people on this important topic.



If you do not know a life insurance professional , have more questions or concerns and live in Texas please contact our office. If you are in the greater Houston TX area it will be easy for you to meet with one of our agents in person.

If you have something to protect, get some coverage in place.

Last if you do not have a Will,  Living will,  & medical power of attorney document, for you and your spouse please get these critical documents done.  If you have a will, consider looking reviewing these documents  every so often, to make sure your interests are protected.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator -via

A printable Guide “What you need to know about life Insurance“.

final directives and wills in Texas

For more info and links see Life Insurance post from February of 2013

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