Life Insurance in Texas As A Savings Plan

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When talking about life insurance to Texans, I like to touch on the person’s big financial picture and how they would like to see it given a real persons life and circumstance.

Saving money is the first lesson most people started out learning as a child and it continues on through a person’s entire life.  That is to say the learning and I hope the saving for tomorrow, planned and the unexpected, should be a ongoing process.

The simple lesson of savings is to live below your means vs. above.

I did see a good tool that illustrates savings in the  In short this tool shows the power of compounding and that saving more early in a time period or a live will pay off.

Life insurance should be part of a long term savings and accumulation plan for a person and especially their family.  Insurance in general and life insurance in particular should be thought of and used when you have a risk or a thing you want to protect.

This could be a business – corporation – partners, or more important the people you love like children and spouses.

I like to work with people to help them protect the gains from the  hard work they have done and will do. And so try to  help them work smart. People and  situations are unique so there are not  standard answers that will  work for all people.

You  might consider the need to find  professional’s ( Stock Market investments – Banking – Insurance – Real Estate and etc) to work with. Then you have a person to talk with who can help you make a plan.  Then review the plan every so often  so if needed you can change “your plan”.

If you would like to talk to someone about personal insurance protection and  see if one of the people in our office could be right to work with,  then give a call or send a email so we can start a conversation and then, create a plan.

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