Healthcare a look at how the USA does compared to a few others

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PBS has a news show “News Hour” that has a short series on health care and some did take a look at how some other countries do what they do. I think it is worth watching and hope we as country will continue to work on our healthcare system and insurance systems and how we all interact with this important system.

Web link for the series from PBS on US Health Care (late Aug and early Sept. 2020).

The ProMo for the Series US Health Care : Best in the World?

Part (1) The start of this series, with a report from Houston TX.

Part (2) A look at the UK.

Part (3) a look from Switzerland.

Part (4) Australian look


Google Search (YouTube) (pbs newshour us healthcare best in the world)

YouTube (PBS News Hour)

PBSNewsHour – page on YouTube

Web site for PBS News Hour

The Best Health Care? America & the World

The presidential election will determine the course of the U.S. health care system — the most expensive system in the world, brimming with innovation but one that also leaves more than 30 million uninsured. William Brangham travels to Houston for the first in our series, “The Best Health Care?

PBS US Health Care.

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