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The Houston Chronicle prints a section on Health the last Sunday of the Month. Here are links to the March 30th Chronicle Health Zone:

HealthZone covers various health topics and I will thy to point out and where I can add to the topics this section points out.

LM Sixel offers some good advice on using your health insurance  That is to know who and where “IN network” providers are in your neighborhood or town.  This is so you can be prepared if you need to go to a medical provider in an emergency.

The back page has a nice article on Nutrition “Physicians say sugar is obesity culprit”  by Rebecca Heliot. On the one hand this is not news except for the fact that sugar is in so much of what we eat (processed food)

WSJ/Health/ Kathleen Potempa: Enemy No. 1: Sugar   (2013/07/19)

Note processed food is not just potato chips etc. But it is anything that is in a package of some type.

Alyson Ward give a short critique  on 6 smartphone apps to “help users get healthier”.

I am using the FitBit device and  app. It seems to work and you don’t have to do to much once you have it set up.

Last check out the blog (03/12/14 from Lora Hines)  on how Texans do exercise but  could eat a little smarter or better. IE we need to eat more veggies and or  fresh food.


list of  blogs from the Chron.com

Please note that the weekend before Easter (04/12–13) is the MS-150 bike ride from Houston to Austin, TX. I am again going for a ride to help this cause for MS  (Muscular Sclerosis Society)

If you can and care to please see  the John  Casey Lowery fundraising link on the national MS web site.

Thank You for your confederation to this worthy cause.


MS 150 bike ride Link to donate for John Casey Lowery’s ride in 2014

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