Medicare Sign Up Yes You Have To Do Something

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The SCFG reminder

How to sign up for Part A & Part B

Please Note: Medicare is managed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Social Security works with CMS by enrolling people in Medicare.
Please Note:  You don’t need to sign up for Medicare each year. However, each year you’ll have a chance to review your coverage and change plans.

Don’t want Part B?

If your Medicare hasn’t started yet,there are 2 ways to drop Part B:

  1. If you were automatically enrolled in both Part A and Part B and sent a Medicare card, follow the instructions that come with the card, and send the card back. If you keep the card, you keep Part B and will pay Part B premiums.
  2. If you signed up for Medicare through Social Security, contact Social Security.

Learn more about whether you should get Part B.

Please Note: You must pay your Part B premium every month for as long as you have Part B (even if you don’t use it).

If you currently have Part B and you want to drop it,contact Social Security for instructions on how to submit a signed request. Your coverage will end the first of the month after Social Security gets your request.

Please Note:  If you drop Part B, you generally won’t be able to enroll in Part B again until the next General Enrollment Period (January 1 – March 31st) and you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty.
You should sign up for medicare before you apply for Medicare Insurance ( Medicare Supplement or Advantage (MA))
With a supplement you need to apply for Medicare Part D (Rx coverage.)
At age 65 a us citizen, legal resident,   can apply for Medicare.  Once you have your medicare card,  then you can talk to and insurance processional about  Medicare  Insurance. ( a Medicare Supplement plan, & Medicare Part D or a Medicare Advantage plan (MA))   You can do this  3 months prior to your birth month and 3 months past your 65th  birth date,  which is your  eligibility date.  (so you have 7 months)
When am I eligible for
Social Security publication on  Medicare (a pdf)
Thanks to Ms. Lynette Azar for gathering most of this information.
Information on when (at what age)  people are eligible for Social Security.
For more on Social Security see the link below for a Video from 04/15/2014.
WSJ_Barron’s on When is the Best time to take your SS?
Barrons_wsj_when_to_take_SS_2014_04_15   (right click to open the pdf)  Links…..(2018/09)
YouTube – search- Barrons best time to take your SS

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