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I wanted to present the most recent 2014 ACA information I have by sharing it with you on this blog. The last quarter of 2013 has been a big learning experience for all Americans in regards to the changes that are happening to the health insurance market. The changes are focused in the small group and the individual markets.  These are the markets that I work in and our office as well ( Sugar Creek Financial Group of Sugar Land, TX).

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ACA Resource Links

NPR radio has a reliable  ACA Q & A tool

I first found out about this from a radio story back in December dealing with the continued question we all have.

From January 01,2014 -to March 31.2014 is “open enrollment period”  After 01/31/2014 you will have to have a life event in order to apply and be approved for health insurance.

There are certain circumstances (life event)  in which you’ll be allowed to change plans or add or drop someone from coverage outside of the regular annual enrollment period. This loss of health insurance could happen if you lose your job; get married or divorced; give birth to or adopt a child; or move to a different state. Any such life events trigger a special 60-day enrollment period where you can change or buy health insurance on an exchange. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the next open enrollment.

For coverage starting in 2015, the open enrollment period is November 15, 2014–January 15, 2015.


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