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I saw an interesting program on public TV back on June (06/21) 2015 called weathtrack. The show was on the automation of individuals investments. At first it sounded crazy. But watch the show because there are some good sound reasons why it’s not. I think some (or even a good portion) of a persons investments should be directed in such a way.

The shows segment on autopilot investing for retirement is near and dear to my heart. I am not an investment adviser but think it is important and it is something I struggle and worry about for my family and other people I know. So, I am including things on this blog “forum” that pertain to investing,  along with Insurance ( Life, heath, Disability Insurance (DI), Long Term Care (LTCi) and others) that I  work with.

The show talks about two men who are content with a new investment service company  rebalance-IRA. Weathtracks  Consuelo Mack talks with Mitch Tuchman and Burton Malkiel ( author of A Random Walk down Wall Street and a prof at Princeton  about this concept and the compay they are involved with. Please note that this idea can be done other places and you do not have to sign up for the rebalance to acheve the goals that are stated. And even though rebalance seems to make it easy,  I do not endorse or use rebalance-IRA.





How it works – Rebalance-IRA

NYTimes on Rebalance-IRA from 2013

A review of Rebalance-IRA 

Thoughts on re-balincing you investments (IRA) from Schwab

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