Disability Insurance Awareness Month May 2016

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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

We all have a greater chance of being disabled than we do of death each day.

Not exactly a thing we want to think about but….

We need to do so from time to time…not to dwell on this but have some planning in place.

That is what life and Disability Insurance (DI)  are for and we try to help people with them.

In short, we all should have a plan just in case….

That means having a last will and testament and final directive documents.

(See an attorney for this)

In addition IF you have something to protect…a family and/or a business you could want and some

Insurance….(Life and DI etc..)

Contact your insurance professional to talk about this and or review what you have. If you do not work with anyone and live in Texas, especially in the Houston area and would like to meet with us please contact our office for Casey or Bob.




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