The ACA Upheld by the Supreme Court Now What?

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OK,  the Supreme Court  ruling is in, Thursday 06/28/2012.  What does this mean for the public?  The following is a
Q & A on some questions on this topic at the New York Times.

The Wall Street Journal has a story on Health Care spending by the Economist David Wessel.

Also, see this story from 07/04/2012.  There is a good audio recording on this page that touches on some of the key ideas.

Health Care Spending David Wissel at WSJ.  (video of the audio in the above wsj story)

The idea I took away from this report is that Americans are holding off on health care things, so on one hand spending is slowing down.  But when you put things off in regard to health, it can get worse and with a delay in looking into a health care issues, you could have a less than desirable outcome.

Now that President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, has been declared constitutional, what’s the future of health care?  Martha Teichner poses the questions.   CBS report 07/01

The ACA time line

Links from The WSJ  on ACA or the Affordable Care Act

The full ground rules now must be spelled out from Washington and we can hope to have this information in a timely manor so people can make decisions ahead of time. The first real date we all need to watch is January 1st 2014, as this is when the law starts to really come into play  for most Americans.

Contact your Health agent or Broker for more information on your situation or if you do not have an agent and you live in Texas then please give us a call and we will try to be of help.

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