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There is a lot of talk about the pending court case on the ACA and tax subsidies. This is an important issue for the ACA law and most people in the USA and Texas.  The ACA law has had an effect on all of us (good and bad I think) but it is here and we and the politicians have to deal with it. I just hope the people in Washington DC get their act together and take care of business.

The Houston Chronicle in the Tuesday June 16 paper had a story the gave a good re cap on this topic.

Health law’s end could hit hard  by Jenny Deam  (Jenny Deam on Twitter)

a pdf copy of Court dismantling of health care law could hit Texans hard_2015_06_16  (right click to open)


The Chron’s buisness page had a story “Vast data warehouse raises privacy concerns”  by Ricardo Alonzo-Zaldiver with AP (linkedin)

a pdf copy of the above data warehouse raises HealthCaregov privacy concerns_2015_06_15  (right click to open)


There was also a good story on Target  and CVS joining up in the Rx space. by Tom Murphy of AP. (twitter)

For a pdf copy see selling pharmacy clinic businesses to CVS Health_2015_06_16

(right click to open)

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