Fall 2019 info and news on Health insurance in Texas.

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We try to post news, trends and information on using health insurance in Texas from time to time.

When using your health insurance learn how to try to stay in network.

What is in net work


Out of net work.

This is a loaded statement but important.

Contact your Insurance Agent / Company to learn more regarding your plan, and or call us in Sugar Land TX to see if we can help you.

Check out the CBS News series listed below

Medical Price Roulette – via CBS News.


CBS News / Health Costs / Medical Price Roulette – a series of reports (2019 Sept-Oct)

Clear Health Cost (a web site)

About – Clear Health Cost – Info

Oct 10 2019 (NY State Regulators want to change a law Re: medical billing) CBS News Health Costs

Confusing medical bills

YouTube – CBS News – Medical Price Roulette (3 segments )

YouTube – CBS News – Chanel

Emergency back surgery leads to over $650,000 in bills (CBS Medical Price Roulette 09-23-2019)

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