Alt way’s to talk to a medical pro – spring 2020

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There are new ways to do lots of thing in life.  The medical field has embraced technology as much or more than most.

There are phone and on line ways to get medical info and help.  “Tel-a-doc” or “tel-a-medicine” is a term that you may have heard and or will in the near future.  There are companies that provide this service (for a fee to someone) and  we (insurance professional’s) are seeing health plans  that have some form of this as a way to get to a doctor or a medical professional for a non life threatening consultation.

This is all good news and there is a place for most things. This can and should save time and get people (US) information when we need it, in a more convenient way.

Check with your health insurance company to see if the “carrier” has a tel-a-medicine” function built in. We are seeing more of this every day. And there are some out side “services” that offer “Tel-a-doc” as well. But I fell the best was is via the insurance company.

Note * I did start and plan to put this out in the Spring / summer of 2017.

I can see the consierge type of medical practice having this as part of the service.

TED talk on Tele Medicine

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