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Breast Cancer Awareness

By on December 21 2012 | Health Insurance | Leave a comment

For women breast cancer is a real concern. Early detection is best with all conditions and illnesses, but especially with breast cancer. My wife Julie pointed out an article in the Houston Chronicle on early detection of breast cancer. It gives information on how to do a self exam and Julie thinks this is a […]

Health Insurance Exchange

By on December 10 2012 | Heathcare Reform | 1 Comment

With the re-election of President Obama, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and HCR (Health Care Reform) should keeping moving forward with what we know of the law. Not until the year, 2014 will the most changes go into effect. The largest of these in my opinion is the Health Insurance Exchange, for individuals and small […]

Nutrition Information and Good Eats

By on November 29 2012 | Health Insurance | Leave a comment

I recently heard on the radio a quick segment on a eCookbook from MD Anderson.   “The Cancer Hospital” in Houston TX. At The Table is the Title and I have looked it over and think it could be a good resource for good healthy food and eating. I am using this blog post to list […]

Low Yields On Savings Here for the Long Term

By on November 15 2012 | Life Insurance | 1 Comment

“The end of the yield famine is far away” is the title in Scott Burns column in the 11/07/2012 Houston Chronicle. He gets into a topic that should be on all peoples mind. The fact that there is too much debt.  This fact will have some long term consequences for all savers. It is good […]

Health Zone, a New Section in the Houston Chronicle

By on October 30 2012 | Health Insurance, Individual Insurance | 1 Comment

The Houston, Texas newspaper, The Chronicle has a new section on Sundays, devoted to health news.  On line it is Healthzone. This should be a resource, for health news, for people living in the Houston area. I found the new section as “section K” in my morning paper a couple  Sundays ago. Here is a […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) Sept. 2012

By on September 30 2012 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

Every September, the LIFE foundation and the life insurance industry in the USA put a big push in educational information for the public on the importance of life insurance. If you know, or work with a life insurance professional, takes some time and talk with them about your situation. That is, speak with them if […]

Where Will You Pass Away?

By on August 31 2012 | Long Term Care Insurance | Leave a comment

The End of Life, in Numbers We all put things off and thinking about death is at the top of the list, but everyone needs to give this subject some thought from time to time. Estate planning is not just for the wealthy.  We all need to give some thought to our own end and […]

Having a Last Will & Testament

By on July 27 2012 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

When talking to people about Life Insurance, a topic I bring to prospects and clients is dealing with our own mortality (Life Insurance)  and end of life planning. I am not an attorney and do not help in the writing of wills. I do, however, recommend that  everyone should have one.  A will is not just about […]

The ACA Upheld by the Supreme Court Now What?

By on July 14 2012 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

OK,  the Supreme Court  ruling is in, Thursday 06/28/2012.  What does this mean for the public?  The following is a Q & A on some questions on this topic at the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal has a story on Health Care spending by the Economist David Wessel. Also, see this story from […]

Living Within Your Means

By on June 28 2012 | Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

Living within your means, budgeting, and/or frugal living are all great watchwords to live by. This does not mean you have to be a cheapskate, but  just be aware of your living and spending. This is even harder to do in some ways due to people not using cash.  But you have to keep track even […]

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