Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) Sept. 2012

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Every September, the LIFE foundation and the life insurance industry in the USA put a big push in educational information for the public on the importance of life insurance.

If you know, or work with a life insurance professional, takes some time and talk with them about your situation. That is, speak with them if you do not have life insurance,  to see if you have “a risk” than needs to be protected.  If you have a “life policy” it is a good idea to  “review your situation” to see that you have adequate coverage.

If you do not have and agent find one and feel free to contact our office, to make an appointment  to speak with one of us, and see if we can be of help.

“Life Happens” is a slogan for the LIFE foundation which is an educational organization and a nice web site for info on Life Insurance and some other insurance products.

A video for Life insurance Awareness Month 2012

LIAM has a page on Facebook where you can put in “your life happens moment”  for a $100 gift card.

Real LIFE stories 2012   This is a five page pdf newsletter to help people better understand life insurance.

Life Insurance “Now more than ever“.





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