ACA Open Enrollment For 2017

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Open enrollment for individual health plans started on Nov 01, 2016.

The first deadline is:


Dec 15, 2016 to get a plan that will start on 01/01/2017.

Jan 15, 2017 for a plan to start 02/01/2017.

Jan 31,2017 for a plan to start 03/01/2017.

This is the end of open enrollment for Under 65 Individual and family plans.


Note  Link for deadlines for signing up on individual health plans.

Note the Individual quote tool we have use for the past 5 plus years (commission builder) will not be up and running for 2017. So. we are dropping the links from the website.

We will no longer have “self serve” option for getting health Insurance quotes. You can contact us and we will try to be of help and service.

Note we are working to give priority to our current clients over “new” prospects.  I hope people understand.

We will be using a quote system from our General Agent (Kirkpatrick Company)

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