Brand-name Drugs Defined

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A brand-name drug – prescription drug which is marketed with a specific brand name by the company that manufactures it.  So brand-name drugs may cost insured individuals a higher co-pay than generic drugs on some health plans. The recent big news on brand-named drugs vs. generic’s is the story on Lipitor. Lipitor, which became available […]

Credit for Prior Credible Coverage

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Any pre-existing condition waiting period met under an employer’s prior (qualifying) coverage will be credited to the current plan, if any interruption of coverage between the new and prior plans meets state guidelines. Not having a lapse in Health Insurance can be very important, especially if you have health issues. If you go without Health […]

No Health Insurance At Work? What Can You Do?

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I will talk about the options in what is called the individual market for Health Insurance vs. the Group Market (Company provided health insurance) I will also put up a copy of a short video that is part of a nice series of videos sponsored by Humana, one of the country’s largest health insurance companies […]

Health Insurance In Texas

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Revised Health Insurance for Texas web site was made “live” today.  Welcome to web site “3.0”. This is the 3rd major design change in the life of, the website, which started in July of 2007. This is the first Blog post I am making as we put the site up “LIVE” in this […]

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