Individual & Family Health Insurance (2021) info BCBSTX (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas)

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The only Company I choose to work with is BCBSTX. This company sell coverage in all 256 counties of Texas and Does so ON and OFF the marketplace.

Please contact Casey Lowery for a quote for you and or your family. (713-481-6501 dir office phone)

John Casey Lowery’s BCBSTX Link Texas


BCBSTX – Facility and Doctor finder

above is the BCBSTX   Doctor & Facility Finder (important to help HMO insured find a  PCP (Primary Care Physician)
The retail info start page for BCBSTX….the pdf’s (below) are from this page.
Bronze pdf
Silver pdf
Gold pdf
Please contact us (713-481-6501) to we can help you :
A)  select a plan that will work for you
B)  help you select a PCP
Thank You
J Casey Lowery
Agent and Broker

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