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If you are on a Medicare health plan (Medicare supplement or Medicare Part D plan (part D is Rx coverage).

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you most likely have medical and Rx coverage together in your plan. I do not write about Medicare Advantage plans for I am not certified to market and sell them, however we do have people how specialize in Medicare Advantage (MA)  &  Medicare in general.

For people who want to check on your existing coverage or who are “aging in” to being eligible for Medicare coverage, there are tools that can be found on  the “Official” Medicare web site.

The main   “tool” or Medicare plan finder is the one that I think is very useful.

You can use the link to help find and compare plans for you and it is not from Insurance Company or on an agent’s web site.

For Medicare Health plans and Medicare Supplement plans the tool helps you find plans in your area.

The Part D plan tool is very useful I think and will explain. The Rx plan tool will ask you to list any prescription drugs you may take. This tool will help you make a list and will give you an ID to get back to  your list.  (very useful)

To use this at it’s best,  you will need to keep the ID   that the web site will  give to you and write  IT  down  and the date you did create the list.  These two pieces of information will act as your user name and password for this list.

The tool will ask you where you want to purchase your prescriptions and in most cases give you some good pricing information. The tool also illustrates the power of purchasing your prescriptions by mail and gives you some info to show the price advantage. I think mail order is great for maintenance medication prescriptions that will not change and you are certain you will need to take on a regular basis.

You are in control and can purchase where you want in all case and the tool will help show you what plans will work best for you.

I will advise that consumers use these tools to do some basic homework and then contact a licensed agent / broker to help you make a decision that works best for you.  If  you are in Texas,  do not have an agent and would like to talk to our office then please call or send us an email and If you are in the greater Houston, TX area please contact us to schedule an appointment in the office in Sugar Land, TX, just of Highway 59 at Highway 90.


Other useful  links

A Quick look at Medicare  (CMS Product No. 11514 -Revised July 2011)

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

DB- You have the option of

downloading the data used in the search and compare tools onto your computer.





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