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The term  “in-network” – describes a provider or health care facility which is part of a health plan’s network. When applicable, insured individuals usually pay less when using an in-network provider.  This means when going to a Doctor, a Clinic or hospital and you have health insurance (an individual or group plan) it is better for you , from a cost stand point , to  stay  ”in-network”.

If it is important “to you” to go to a particular doctor for something and can afford it or can justify the cost due to your concern for your health,  then I would go” out of network “ and  pay more. But you should be aware of this so you will not be surprised by the much greater cost to you.

As part of your selection process in choosing a health insurance plan you should check to see how large the in-network list is. The most important thing is to see if doctors and health facility’s you do or could use are on the in-network list.

Check on the hospitals that you could use that are in your area. And make a real note of which are in-network and which are out-of-network.  This could be of a real value to you.

Note in a real “emergency” you will not be penalized for where you are treated.
However.  if you are given the choice as to where you go this way you can go to a facility or doctor’s  office that is “in-network” and be treated in the most cost effective way.


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