May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

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Disability Insurance (DI) is a thing most people do not want to think about, but should give some serious thought to and put a plan in place.

I believe we all should have some plan for you and your family. It can be to set up a savings plan or tap a friend or family member  to try and help you out if you can not earn “your pay check”, not a good plan.  Or the real answer is to look at some type of DI plan.  Where can you get Disability Insurance?

See if your employer  has a group plan and if not ask that they look into this type of coverage. Or last look into a Individual DI plan for yourself.

Where do you start to think and look for DI. There is the internet . You may have found this from your “internet search”. I like the DI 101 page or Protect your pay check.

Consider disability coverage, right up there,  with life insurance if you have somebody to protect, including your self.  Contact your Life Insurance agent if you work with one.  If you do not have an agent and live in Texas feel free to call on our office and talk over the phone and if you are in the greater Houston area contact us about a consultation appointment in our Sugar Land office.

Disability Insurance Tools

Paycheck pop Quiz…videos   What you need to know about Disability Insurance

DI coverage options    a” sample document” with info for individuals.

Disability Insurance – Things to Consider    a” sample document” with info for individuals.

DI worksheet  a” sample document” with info for individuals.

An Employer’s Guide to Disability Income Insurance

DI needs Calculator


Contest for  –I love my pay check (a chance to win a iPad from what I consider a  reputable source)

Most of the links I have linked to are from “LIFE”  a Nonprofit orginzation.  It’s “mission statement is to educate the public about the essential role of life and health insurance in sound financial and retirement planning and the value added by insurance agents and other financial advisors.


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