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Fortunately people get warning signs before they have a major heart event.

A sudden cardiac arrest is an “electrical problem” in the body , where the heart stops beating.

Time is of the essence (Minutes  matter  – 10 or less)

This brings me to some things that all of us should keep in mind:

  1. Have a healthy life style with diet and exercise
  2. Have our heath checked on a regular basis (preferably with health insurance)
  3. And finally for all us us, have a legal will (for your property and so your family will know what your wishes are for your final arrangements. With this look at what you want to protect in case of an untimely death with the peace of mind of life insurance.

Contact an insurance professional and or call our office to discuss your needs for health and life insurance and make sure to look into having a will so your loved ones do not have to worry about the state (of Texas, etc) being in your affairs.

Morning Rounds: Ovarian cancer, warning signs for cardiac arrest  (CBS Saturday AM 03/05/2016)


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