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Please refer back to the article on Medicare Tools  from April 30,2012. I want to provide  more information on how the Medicare Part D tool is useful and how to make good use of it.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

In using the part D tool, where you can build your  Rx Drug list online at the Medicare site, this tool will give you a unique number.  With this number (write it down) and the date you did create your list, (mm/dd/yyyy)  you can get back to YOUR list. This will be both useful and a time saver.

If you can not get this shortcut link, (Step 2 of 4: Enter Your Drugs) to work,  you will have to  do a 2 step  process as follows,  so you can log back in to the page.

So to get back into your list go to the main site put in your zip code and answer the basic question on the next page.

After this you will be on a page (step 2 of 4 Enter your drugs).

On this page there is a box on the right (Retrieve My Saved Drug List:)

that asks for your ID


the date you created your list.

If you can enter this you will get your list that you  previously created and can  use it again to search for plans and modify your list.


I could  not save a “short cut”  to this page so please use the instructions above.


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