Individual ACA Health coverage “How To Choose A Health Insurance Plan”

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From NPR Radio  (11/24/2021)


Health insurance can be tremendously confusing, with its complexity, jargon and acronyms. But putting in a bit of time to learn what these health insurance terms mean can empower you to better understand what signing on to a plan might mean for your budget and your health.

Whether you’re picking a plan for the first time, thinking of changing a plan, or want to see your options, NPR health correspondent, Selena Simmons-Duffin offers tips for browsing and choosing a health insurance plan. This episode is brought to us in conjunction with our colleagues at Life Kit.

NPR radio short Wave 11/24/2021 “How to choose a Health Insurance Plan”  (Right click to listen to this 19 min show)



NPR Radio

NPR Health Shots (blog)

NPR/Life kits  

NPR / Life kits / How to pick a health plan


Note 2022   Open Enrollment change ….(it closes 01/15/2022)



ACA Cost Sharing


ACA Calculator ( via KFF -Kaiser Family Foundation)   Quick and Easy ….use this  first.


KHN – Kaiser Health New

10 changes to watch for  in 2022 re ACA Health Plans.






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