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Fall 2019 info and news on Health insurance in Texas.

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We try to post news, trends and information on using health insurance in Texas from time to time. When using your health insurance learn how to try to stay in network. What is in net work vs Out of net work. This is a loaded statement but important. Contact your Insurance Agent / Company to […]

ACA Open enrollment for 2020 (11/01–12/15/2019)

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ACA Open enrollment for 2020 (11/01–12/15/2019)

Medicare 2020 Open Enrollment (10/15–12/07/2019)

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Open Enrollment for Medicare plan year 2020 is coming up October 15 –December 07, 2019. During this time frame for Part D (Rx Coverage) you can make cahnges to your plan and sign up if you missed a windwo to sing up in the past. Note if you are late in signing up for Part […]

Happy 4th of July (243)

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Well we are still here and the flag still flies. Yea.! On July 4th 1776 (243 years ago) the Declaration of Independence was realest to the world. A reading of the Declaration of Independence

Pre 4th of July post 2019

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I want to wish all of us a Happy fourth of July for 2019. I do think this message is a great one for all of us at any age. I have not been placing post as I had the last 4 to 6 months. I will again work to place good information for our […]

Medicare open enrollment for 2019 (10/15-12/07/2018)

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Medicare open enrollment for plans to start on 01/01/2019, the time is now (October 15th — December 07, 2018) If you do not have a Medicare part d plan (PDP or Medicare Rx coverage)  or you want to add a medicare advantage plan for your self, the time is now. You can make changes to […]

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