Workout and Eat Right for a Healthier Spring 2018

By tfbuser on April 26, 2018 | Listed under Health & Wellness | Leave a comment |

Today I am posting some good info to help you get into a regular workout routine for a healthier you.

I believe that overall health is dependent on how we live as people, in other words, what and when we eat along with how much activity our bodies get every day. So again, this post is abut diet and exercise for a healthier Spring 2018, or for that matter, all year long and every year.

For me diet is the hard part.

So having a proper diet, what times we eat, along with how much activity we get on a regular daily or weekly basis are all really important for good health.

Click the links below for helpful articles and tools for the workout part.


How to build muscle in 9 Minutes. – NY Times newspaper


NYTimes_9_Min_Build_Muscle_2018_03  (right click to open this pdf doc)

While the YouTube diet and exercise video below suggests that we should eat 5-7 small meals per day, I think we should eat larger meals for breakfast and lunch and go small at night.

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