Saving and Planning for Retirement

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If you are interested in planning and saving for your retirement, you will find the following resourses exteremely helpful:

An excellent  “personal-finance-reference-guide” from Marketplace Radio

A guide to US retirement accounts.”

Retirement Guides from the (US Department of Labor)

Two types of Cash balance pension plans

Understanding fees and expenses (because they do add up)

What you should know about your retirement plan (If provided by your employer)


Most people not working for large firms have to do most of the retirement heavy lifting themselves.  So, as the old saying goes, “if you want it done right,  do it yourself.

Helpful Retirement Ariticles From the Wall Street Journal, Saturday September 28, 2013

 “How to repair your nest egg when early retirement comes as an unwelcome surprise“.

The Best Company Retirement Plans“.

The Great Retirement Income Hunt

A DOL calculator tool located at  “lifetimeincomecalculator

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