Diabetes Awareness Month 2013

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month, every year, and 11/14 is World Diabetes Awareness Day.



We all should be aware of this real problem, and we all are at potential risk. But by being aware is the first step in preventing the problem for you and the people you love.

Take the Diabetes Risk Test: via the American Diabetes Association.

DM listen  (from the American Diabetes Association)

DM info and types


DM  info via Quizlet.com 

In Thursday’s (11/14/2013) Houston Chronicle (see pdf)  I read an article that told “doctors told to get serious about obesity”  I also found the same article in Time Magaizine so here’s  a link to the article from Time, Time also has a video on cholesterol levels, Diabetes Month, and refers to a calculator on the American Heart Association website

New heart disease and stroke prevention guidelines released   (Heart.org)

CV risk calculator 

Understanding the New Prevention Guidelines

Life’s Simple 7 action plan    This assessment test is based on the knowledge and expertise of The American Heart Association. Your assessment will help you understand what simple steps you may need to take to improve your heart health and quality of life. From there you will be directed to specific action plans that will help you get informed, change your behaviors and move you closer to your individual health goals.


Open the aboveHouston Chronicle pif  in a new TAB or window.

cardiovascular disease (also called heart disease)  via Wikipedia

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