May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month 2013

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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM).  We all need to condenser what would happen if we could not work or even just get around and take care of our selves and the ones we love.  And not to mention what would happen to the income we do get from getting up and going to work each day.

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing a clients will and power of attorney (POA) documents.  I think and feel that having these documents along with life insurance then DI and last  LTCi are the things we all do not want to think of and or plan for but know we all should.

We all need to plan for things in life.   I am speaking about  are IF’s (DI and LTCi).  We do not like to think about it but we all can and should go threw and make some type of  plan.  Then you can get back to life.

At the bare minimum we all should have a will and power of attorney (POA) to help with things if we pass away or get very hurt or sick.  We can all get these documents for our selves in a variety of ways. From a office supply store, on line and last and best from a local attorney.   A local attorney is not as expensive as you may think,  and he could be a good resource for other matters as well.

Just get a will done for your loved ones and to keep the state out of your affairs.

Going back to Disability Insurance (there is short term (STDI) and long term (LTDI).  Contact a insurance professional and start a conversation and planning to look at some options for your self. If you do not work with a Insurance Profesional and would like to talk, please contact our office  if you live in Texas, and want to work with people in the greater Houston, TX area.

Links to more information on DI (Disability Insurance)

Protect your pay check.”

a pdf flyer on ” What you need to know about disability insurance”  (8 pages)

the “iii” info on DI

Mutual of Omaha “info on DI”  (short & long term)

NAHU (the Health Insurance trade association) info on DI  (jcl is a member) has  Info on DI.

A YouTube video on DI basics or 101

DI Calculator  from Life  info on life and disability insurance.


(05/30/2013) I found this on Facebook from Forbs Magazine

The Biggest Threat To Your Biggest Asset
by Liz Davidson  (from pdf of this article)



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