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Brand-name Drugs Defined

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A brand-name drug – prescription drug which is marketed with a specific brand name by the company that manufactures it.  So brand-name drugs may cost insured individuals a higher co-pay than generic drugs on some health plans. The recent big news on brand-named drugs vs. generic’s is the story on Lipitor. Lipitor, which became available […]

Embedded Versus Aggregate Insurance Deductibles

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The term embedded deductible means separate individual deductible. In most PPO health plans you have, say a $1,000.00 deductible plan and it has a $3000.00 family deductible. If a policy insures, say three people ( a father, mother and daughter) and two of them have medical procedures in the same year, then each must first […]

Health Insurance Aggregate Deductible

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An important distinction needs to be made concerning how deductibles are computed for Qualified High-Deductible Health Plans.  The family deductible is an aggregate or combined deductible.  Each person’s covered medical expenses go toward meeting the family deductible.  Each insured person’s covered medical expenses go toward meeting this amount.  Once the family deductible is met, most […]

Life Insurance in Texas As A Savings Plan

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When talking about life insurance to Texans, I like to touch on the person’s big financial picture and how they would like to see it given a real persons life and circumstance. Saving money is the first lesson most people started out learning as a child and it continues on through a person’s entire life.  […]

Health Insurance Deductibles

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The deductible in a health Insurance policy is a defined dollar amount during the benefit period – usually a year – that the insured person pays before the insurance company starts to make payments for covered medical services. Plans may have both per individual and family deductibles. Some plans may have separate deductibles for specific […]

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  This is a promotion “tool” but one that everyone should at least consider. That is, ask the questions, do you need life insurance, or if you have it, are the people you want to protect adequately covered?  Think about other family members and inquire if they have life insurance […]

Insurance Actuary Defined

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An actuary is a mathematician in the insurance field. They are responsible for calculating premiums, developing plans and defining underwriting risk. A person who is an actuary by training or collage degree can work as an insurance company “underwriter”. This is the person that evaluates the risk in taking on a new policy for the […]

BMI & Personal Weight

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What is BMI (Body Mass Index)? How is it calculated and what use is it to me and Insurance companies? BMI is a number based on a person’s weight and height that provides a way to estimate the effect of weight on health. The higher the BMI, the greater the risk of diseases such as […]

Agent – Broker | Glossary of Insurance Terms

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I am picking up on my Glossary of term topic and am going to the beginning of the alphabet for this. I will talk of the title of Insurance Agent and Broker. An agent – a licensed individual who represents several insurance companies and sells their products. There are also agents that sell for and […]

Individual Dental and Vision Insurance

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These are most often thought of as group benefits (Insurance obtained at work. (Work Place)) But they can be obtained for individuals and families. The following with talk of Dental and Vision coverage and give a link where I can help Individuals get a quote for Insurance coverage and apply on line. Dental Insurance Dental […]

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