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These are most often thought of as group benefits (Insurance obtained at work. (Work Place)) But they can be obtained for individuals and families.

The following with talk of Dental and Vision coverage and give a link where I can help Individuals get a quote for Insurance coverage and apply on line.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage can be thought of in two main types:

DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance organization) with this type coverage you must use a DDS that is contracted with the plan.

PPO preferred provider organizations or fee for service coverage.

This coverage is accepted with most DDS (Dentist offices) that accept Insurance. It is good to check with your Dentist to see what types of coverage they work with (which plans they work with). This is like a Health PPO in you can have IN and OUT of network Dentist.  The being IN / OUT will effect how much it will cost to be treated. In network should cost the patient less than an out of network provider.
Both types are considered managed care.

Does Good Dental Hygiene affect your overall health? – Yes!

Is Dental Insurance something I should consider?

Vision Insurance

Vision coverage helps with two expenses of good eye care.  First it helps with annual eye exams. I will help with the cost of seeing an eye doctor once a year. The second part of the benefit is most plans help with the cost of eyeglasses. The insurance will help with eyeglass frames (every year or every second is common). Most plans will help with the cost of lenses every year.  For contact users the insurance helps with contacts and it depends on what you use and the benefit is not seen to be as “rich”. With vision coverage you want to make sure you go to a provider who accepts the insurance and is “in-network”.

Can regular eye exams help keep my healthy….Yes!

Is Vision Insurance something I should consider?


Contact your Health Insurance agent if you have one,  or if you are in Texas give us a call at 713-481-6501. We are in the Houston area with an office in Sugar Land, TX.

We  have two links for individual Dental and Vision from HumanaOne.


Get a Quote

Use the link above and input the basic info and then select dental coverage and you can get a UnitedHealthOne Dental quote.

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