Health Care Reform Status February 2011

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I often get asked “what is the status of the Health Care Reform law”?   This topic is known by several different names as I have listed below:

Health Care Reform (HCR) – Affordable Health Care (AHC) – Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Affordable Health Care for America Act (AHCAA) (H. R. 3962) (the House bill)

While I do not have many real answers with regard to what this new law means, I am working hard to keep up with how it affects Texans and my health insurance clients in particular.

TIME LINES  for Health Care Reform
The following  links provide good information on what is to happen and when with the new law: “ A Health Care Reform  time line”

NPR Key Dates for the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”

US Government site on Health Care Reform “Timeline”

UHC – United Health Care HCR “time line” and other links

Talking Points on HCR from

Next is a list of web resources I have collected that I believe offer excellent information. I have grouped by type and the best (per my opinion) are listed first:

US Government Resources:

US Government information on Health Care Bill

US Government “Your Health Care Explained”

Whitehouse Blog on Health Care

New Media Resources: Again, the best (per my opinion) are listed first.

Wall Street Journal  “Health Care Reform”

C-Span Healthcare Reform Video

Christian Science Monitor “Health Care Reform 101” What the Bill Means to you In 10 Parts

NPR Radio “Health Care” news

The New York Times “Health Care Reform”

Reuters news “Health Care Reform”

Health Care Reform Topic from Wikipedia
This is very broad information,  but, it is open source so like a lot of things take with a grain of salt.

Additional Healthcare Reform Resources

TASC Healthcare Reform Watch (from Total Administrative Services Corporation)

SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management “Health Care Reform”

HCREI – Health Care Reform Education Institute  – “Latest News”

Kaiser Permanente “Health Care Reform”

KHN Kaiser Health News from (Kaiser of California)

What the Health Law Means To You (from and Kaiser Health News KHN)
May 26, 2010

Texas Related  Links

Blue Cross Blue Shield  “Health Care Reform”

Blue Cross Blue Shield – “What Healthcare Reform Will Mean to You”  & timeline is a DFW located Health care system (for the North Texas region around and including DFW) that seems to be a good resource dealing with the New 2010 Health Care Reform Law.

Texas –“Health Care Reform & Resources”

Commentary and opinion on HCR, although one of “very many” on the topic,  is short,  fair and balanced.

The New Republic: The Worst Case for Health Reform by Jonathan Cohn (from

In closing, the above collection of links provides  information about the Health Care Reform Law from multiple reliable sources.  No one knows it all, as the topic is just too big and complex. The truth will be revealed to the public as the government bureaucrats decipher the law.

I believe they will do this with the help of the health insurance companies, for the good (and/or bad) of the public, the insurance companies, and the country.

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