Subsidized Health Insurance Coming In 2014

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The subsidized health insurance plans in the ACA or PPACA law could have some unintended consequences for people who make use of the premium subsidy.  A subsidy will be available for plans purchased through the government exchange for coverage starting in January 2014.

I  read a story in my local Sunday  Houston Chronicle newspaper. It was published as an AP piece in section A8, titled “Health credits could trigger unwelcome tax bills“.  The article was written by Mr. Stephen Ohlemacher

I have placed a link to a pdf of the full article with additional  info not in the copy on my Obama Credits page below:


See some other links related to this information:  has a link for Stephen Ohlemacher and some of his reporting.

( Kaiser Family foundation  Health Reform Source

This next link is a calculator for figuring the health care subsidy staring in 2014 and looks like a really good tool.

ACA info from

ACA Time Line

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