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Saving & Investing Tips & Tools for 2017

By admin on July 20, 2017 | Listed under Life Insurance | Leave a comment |

Well,  it’s July 2017 and in fact, the month will be over next week. WOW!?

I wanted to post this back in January of 2017.

The end of a year into the start of a new one is a good time to review and/or make plans for saving and investing, as I think and have been told most of my life…56 years. (thanks Mom and Dad).

From time to time (for example, annual and semi-annual) do a review of your:

  • Bank Account (s)
  • Investments ( IRA 401k) etc…(make sure you have a good beneficiary (and contingent) on these accounts)
  • Insurance ( Home – Auto and Life )
  • Last will and testament


nytimes.com-Translating the Language of Finance_2017_01  (right click)

10 Financial Terms Every Investor Should Know (US News- Money)

money.usnews.com-10 Financial Terms Every Investor Should Know_2014_09_05

Nasdaq glossary of stock market terms

Investor.gov Glossary



FINRA – tools and Calculators

The Stock Market Game  (tool for learning of the market)

Google – Investor glossary terms

Forbes 2017  – Investment tips

twitter – RetirementRisks


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